Chairman Message


Dear friends from all walks of life:

CSCC has experienced hard work and rapid development, and has entered the stage of comprehensive integration and business upgrading. Every step that the company has gone through is inseparable from the enthusiastic help from all walks of life, the broad masses of colleagues, and the persistent belief and hard work of every employee in pursuit of their dreams. !

A country's feelings, a grateful possession, as time goes by, on the days of growth and harvest, I deeply feel that China and Sweden, the two closest and most familiar countries, have too many exchanges. , opportunities for learning and cooperation.

China is growing and developing in the fields of economy, people's livelihood and science and technology. It has a strong backing of the motherland. The social status and economic strength of Chinese overseas Chinese in the country of residence are also increasing. “One Belt and One Road” connects the “Chinese Dream” with the “World Dream”. The Chinese culture is profound and profound. As a Swiss Chinese, I hope to spread the Chinese culture to the Nordic through the platform of (Sweden) Sino-Swiss Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The five countries also hope that more compatriots will have the opportunity to go abroad. For the children's education or the pursuit of a happy life and a better ideal, CSCC will always follow the direction of honesty, reliability, quality and efficiency, and keep its promise. Investing in services, opening the way for development, and solving the dilemma, the Global Openness of the Belt and Road Initiative calls for all strategic and strategic investment of individual enterprises and institutions. Our company is looking forward to working together to achieve a win-win result on the road of entrepreneurship. Be the most professional brand.

A journey of a thousand miles, accumulated in the silicon step; the ship of thousands of miles, into the compass.

Here, I bring all the colleagues of (Sweden) Sino-Swiss Culture Communication Co., Ltd., I wish you all a happy family and good luck!

Jiang Changhong

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