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Zhongrui (Henan) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture established by Henan Elite Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Chia.Sweden.Cultural.Communication AB (hereinafter referred to as CSCC). The business scope is a one-stop full-service service for Nordic immigrants, study abroad, assisting entrepreneurship, cultural and sports exchanges and family settlement directly for companies and individuals, and relying on Swedish companies to create an online store to introduce the quality of Nordic goods to domestic consumption. By.

CSCC is registered in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, with offices in Denmark and Norway. CSCC (excluding the office) has 11 Swedish employees and 2 Chinese employees. The company's controlling shareholder is Swedish-born Chinese Mr. Jiang Changhong.

No matter what your original intention is to come to Northern Europe, such as immigration, study abroad, cooperation, investment or business examination, in a relatively unfamiliar environment, you need a process of understanding, adapting and integrating. Everything you need needs the company to serve you wholeheartedly. service. Since we have our own companies and offices in Sweden and Denmark, we will make your service more convenient and intimate, we will provide services and help in all aspects.

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